What could be better than a ride through the country, just like Lucky Luke.

 Cowboy on horse at sunrise.

Leave everything behind and set out on a new adventure!


- Life is changing on saddle.

Sommer Saddle on Hercule

You can ride with us across Europe, Africa, America and Australia.

First we ride once around the sunny island Sicily, then throughout Europe

right after that are following the big three "A"s  -  "A" like Adventure:


Africa, America & Australia on Saddle

with horses, mules and donkeys.



First a short video clip - riding on Hercule:



...Lust for more? Then come on and join us.

 Donkey Hercules with sommer saddle and backpacks.

Enjoy a virtual adventure trip right now.


And never forget to...

Live the adventure of your life !        


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