Sommer Saddle - handmade saddle in best quality


Christian riding on Donkey Hercule.


"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle."

Sir Winston Churchill


6000 Miles through the USA on saddle, for this adventure tour an extraordinary saddle is necessary. The tour was completed successfully by an adventurer in the 70's with an Sommer Saddle. - Now we will travel 7000 Miles through Europe with our donkey Hercules and our Sicilian Cart. We are glad that the Sommer Saddle Manufacturer, as one of the best in the wold, will accompany us on this great adventure with his evolution western saddle.

Evolution westerns saddle from Sommer.

A really optimal evolution from a western saddle!


Inclusive a matching saddle pad:

Both are perfect for long distance riding.


Of course a suitable horse bit with bridle and reins shouldn't be missing:

Horse bit "Mandy" from Sommer.



And that's not all. There are also a couple of saddlebags - in Sommer quality.

Saddlebags for the front - handmade from Sommer.

Very beauty&use-full Saddlebags for the front...

Saddlebags for the backside - handmade from Sommer.

...and Saddlebags for the backside - handmade quality - from Sommer.


PLUS a great cantlebag for rainwear:

cantlebag for Horse from Sommer.


and a bag for a coat for the front:

coat bag for horse from sommer. 


And finally, very comfortable riding gloves,

Leather gloves for a ride on horses, donkeys and mules - from Sommer.

to hold on better in saddle when Hercule deflects the first days. :-)

(He's a good donkey - but a donkey - and with his five years still in puberty...)


Donkey Hercules with Saddles and Saddlebags from Sommer.



So long rides over thousands of miles is nothing in the way. - Thanks to Sommer!

Man on horse.

Soon more about the tours.


First a short video clip - riding on Hercule:



...and another one - Hercule is greeting is friends...






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Adventure is a path...

Adventure is a path...

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