Lets save those ponies, the horse and mule lady from the butcher !

They are much more valuable for pet therapy!

A good friend is living all his lives with horses. Before he could walk he could ride. Later he got some beauty cute little ponies, and offerd riding tours for children. Unfortunately a drunken driver nearly killed our friend, he was several month in coma, nearly a year in hospital. The driver escaped, the family from our friend has to pay everything, therefore they have to sell now 5 ponnies, a female horse and a female mule. Only nobody wants to get them, except the butcher!


Lets save those ponies, the horse and the mule lady from the butcher! They are perfect instead for pet therapy. The ponies are very well trained and made in the past thousands of children happy. With your little help they can make also in the future families happy and enjoy a good life as well.


Here you can see the ponies (a)live...

(Just click on the video to start it.)



...one of the ponies gives a ride to a young girl...



You want to make more children happy ?

You would like to save the ponies live ?


Every little donation counts!


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Reward for donations:
25 € / 30 $ => free adventure tour (1 day)
50 € / 60 $ => tour with ponies
100 € / 120 $ => free adventure tour (5 days)
150 € / 170 $ => 1 week tour + name a pony
250 € / 280 $ => eco tour on land + by boat to natural beaches
500 € / 570 $ => eco tour to Aeolian island Vulcano
900 € / 1025 $ => tour to Vulcano & Stromboli => Lavashow


You want to help...

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Here you can donate for them.


We say thanks in the name of the ponies, the horse & mule lady

as well in the name of all families which thanks to you can spend

a wonderful time with the animals.

Adventure is a path...

Adventure is a path...

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