Three years survived the Camp II - Crank Lamp & Lantern from Silver Point - which we used every night in our Adventure Camp and on countless adventure trips. The Camp II resisted dozens of falls and bad weather. One time, it fell out of my pocket on a trip in the 'Sicilian Jungle.' It took us one week to find it - in which it also rained heavily - and we were really glad when we found the Camp II and it still worked flawlessly! Also, even after all these years, the battery still fits just as well as the first day. In most crank lamps the batteries go fast due to short charging intervals, but not with the Camp II  - a few turns are sufficient for several minutes of light, an hour to the mains (or in our case with our foldable solar module or notebook). It provides a few hours best service, both as a flashlight as well as a lantern, thanks to the refined drawer system. ...Even at night in the tent we find the lamp easily due to its clever light strip. This light strip-ring is flexible, yet strong: After really violent falls some anchorages got broken, but the strip held the lamp for a long time together.


The Camp II offers four different lighting options: two brightness levels (each optionaly as a concentrated beam of a flashlight with a long range or as a lantern with large scattering length) as well as an energy-economical, yet well visible red light (which we like to use on walks on the streets as a backlight) and a red light-SOS function (SOS in morse clock). Thanks to the rubber coating on the switch, it´s not only waterproof but also easy to feel in the dark. - Over the years, the exchange function was somewhat sluggish, but still better than to jump quickly, as we know it from other manufacturers.

You can charge The lamp easily using the included USB charging cable. The plug is a special size so take good care of the cable! - A standard size, such as in mobile phones these days are, would be desirable, but the Camp II is otherwise great, with its small size (handy pocket-size) and weight, performance and processing. - Even the steel Aufhängring  on the charging handle is extremely convenient.

Our conclusion: The Camp II is a very well thought out and really rugged outdoor suitable combination of torch and lantern. The crank holds in contrast to most crank lamps for long life. The price 25-30 € seems to us more than justified because of the functionality and quality.




The Camp II is very versatile as a flashlight & lanterns combination, but in action on the road and outdoor you need both hands free, in this situations the Ranger Headlamp offers best services. Of course also the Ranger Line is waterproof and has different lighting options. The powerful LEDs provide up to 125 lumens - at a lower level a battery charge reaches up to 30 hours! And the icing on the cake The latest Ranger version is not only operated lossless with rechargeable batteries (which is very rare among the flashlights), it can also be loaded directly through a USB charging cable (with solar module, laptop, external battery ...) everywhere on the road, without extra charger - lightning & loading - easy & awesome!


Ingeniously simple are the small Micro solar-crank lights from Silverpoint. This little usefull tool you can have anywhere with you on a key ring, so you get always an emergency light - and not only this. The lamp is truly an ultra-lightweight at only 25 grams. This and their inconspicuous size do not suggest what makes the Micro for a good focal length! - This is ensured by two particularly strong LEDs. Thanks to the crank you need not to worry about the battery level - and if the Micro is placed in broad daylight outside it saves even cranking thanks to the solar cell.


With 145 lumens brighter than the Camp II, the strongest flashlight AND lantern * Hercules * really lights up everything! It also works very well on our Sicilian cart, when we are travelling around at dusk or even at night with our strong donkey Hercules. :-) The 'Hercules' lamp uses four AA batteries, which are already included. ...Hercules (the donkey) works fine with four carrots. :-) In both cases the the namesake should be proud. They are STRONG LIKE HERCULES! :-)



Furthermore, Silverpoint still offers practical little lights to attach wherever you need them. We use them on our journeys for our animals and carriage, and on children's clothing and equipment. With 60 lumens men, women, children and pets won't get lost, as they can be seen, even from a distance. These small Featherweight lights weigh only 40 grams and can save lives!
A handy carabiner is included.




From the rustic and adventurous to the beautiful and romantic,  these practical flints are just right for every occasion. For survivors and romantic campfire...




This is by far not all from Silverpoint. The whole series can be found directly on the manufacturer side:


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Adventure is a path...

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