Whats going on in 2020:

   we will...

  • furnish the living room (former stable)   

    After the reinforced + new stonewalls will now easily survive the next centuries, the roof structure has been completely renewed, we are in the process of installing doors and windows and comfortably furnishing the living room. Part of the room was separated with an own door and now set up for working tools - until the new working tool room (see below) is ready.


  • continue to construct the "thermosolar shower tower + treehouse"

    We erect a seven meter high tower with three terraces around a tree. There is a thermal solar system on the roof of the tower, a water tank on the top floor above the tree top, a floor below a small tree house with three balconies and sea views. Below there will be 5 large shower rooms and a greenhouse with thermal heat, as well as a bread and pizza oven.


  • finish the Eco food room under earth

    After funny & sweaty big three-dimensional puzzling with rocks the last winters, we will continue to roll the rocks and bring them into shape. Then we build furniture, with shelves - so that we get 25 cubic meters of storage area. Sufficient space for many pickled vegetables, tomato sauce, olive oil, jam ... and a seed bank. The goal is an independent life with 100% genuine nutrition.


  • complete the Compost toilette (2.0)

    Of course, with lots of good food, you need a decent, comfortable toilet. Ours will be one of the most beautiful in the world, also with nice sea view to the neighboring islands and a library to pass the time realy well on the throne. :-) A total of four toilets, of which always two can be used until the compost storage is filled (then the compost becomes the best garden soil), including an accessible toilet for wheelchair users.


  • set up 2 large picnic pavillions

    One pavilion will be 7 x 7 meters, the other 15 meters long and 3 meters wide, each with beautiful picnic tables - all made from the finest sweet chestnut wood. From the one pavillion you have a nice view into the vegetable garden and to the base camp, the other offers again an amazing sea view.


  • get a proper working tool room

    Following the example of an adventure park from the past, we will set up two overseas containers as tool rooms. The containers come over our underground food cellar, the longer of the two pavilions is above the containers. ...So we then have 12 x 2.5 meters of space inside the containers for tools, tool banks, screws, nails and other things to build the tree house settlement.


  • improve our "swimming pool" + water system

    Thanks to the masterpiece of work from Sicilian farmers a hundred years ago, we have an underground water system that leads more than a hundred and fifty meters into the Adventure Hill. So we are blessed with always fresh drinking water, which flows into a water reservoir (pool). The best quality water we use for drinking water (directly filtered from the pipe), for washing, further to irrigate the garden, and last not least for refreshing ourselfes, in the form of taking a bath in the pool, a swim with the goldfish. ... We will now dig the ground deeper to be able to store more water, repair the walls and separate a little part of the pool with an small wall - to install another water filter, as well as to have 3000 liters of drinking water stored.


  • (re-)build... two Pizza + bread oven (2.0)

    In the recent past, we have already built a small pizza oven and a pizza hut, which we will continue to expand. We already enjoy delicious pizza fresh from the oven once a week! A larger bread and pizza oven also follows.


  • construct Yurts, sweat lodge and many more natural buildings...

    In the lower base camp there is still room for a nice big community yurt, with a campfire area, nearby we will build a sweat lodge, and further small hobbit houses, other COB houses, tree houses and everything your heart desires from natural materials are spread all over the Adventure Hill.


    ...all for a good growing eco community.



Adventure is a path...

Adventure is a path...

Explore. Dream. Discover!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - By Mark Twain.

the world is a open book

The world is a book, and those who not travel read only a page.