Normal mobile phones are way too delicate for us. Especially nowadays where there is more and more crap around. You buy a new phone, it falls down and there's a crack on the display. You are surprised by a thunderstorm and the surprise is complete when you want to check your messages and the only news is: It's over. Game Over.

With some more credit you can get a new one and the whole game starts again. Or you go for the SONIM and SONIM will go with you - for life. 


Dirt, water, dust, sand, rain, heat, cold, drops, shocks - whatever life dishes out the SONIM can handle.


Independent tests have shown that it resists not only treatments with a baseball bat or being run over by a dredger, but it can even be washed in a washing machine or cooked with noodles.


The military standard IP-68 says, it survives also sandstorms and salt water. It is completely immune to dust, chemicals and liquids and it can be dropped on solid ground out of several meters of height.

This rugged outdoor mobile phone survives temperatures of -20 ° C to +55 ° C, resists pressure of 400 KG and the battery lasts up to 1500 hours standby or 18 hours of calling!


In one test (video out in the internet) they even shot at it with a gun and it still worked! Of course that was a "lucky shot".


So the SONIM is definitely the toughest phone in the world!

That's why it's also in the Guinnes Book of Records.



Our Outdoor Test:

We have used it over three years in the sicilian jungle, it has fallen down plenty of times, survived loads of dust, mud and water during pioneer work - while the strong radio entertained us as well. The radio is not only for fun, it can be very useful for weather forecasts too. When the weather was fine we used it also on the sunny beach in Sicily - and took some photos, over and under the water surface. After work and free time on the beach, the bright LED light has always been very useful at night.

Our used SONIM. be continued...


Photos and videos of our adventure yourneys are following.


See here the official SONIM Video:




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Adventure is a path...

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