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Who has not yet bought sandals one summer and the following summer they were already no longer usable. Rusted buckles, worn-out profile, rotten leather - if it was indeed leather. ... So in a few years you come quickly  to a remarkable sum for buying constantly new sandals. - If they were at least comfortable in the beginning ...

However, we prefer to invest in quality!

There are also sandals in the form of cheaper flip-flops, and "on the other foot" there are true sandals which are pleasurable on any terrain. By far the best are the KEEN.

KEEN Newport sandals.

Truly rugged outdoor sandals with toe protection made of rubber. Adjustable quickly by an elastic band, grippy sole, compact, good fit and even salt water resistant! The shoe is very stable and offers optimum traction and control. The slightly wider NEWPORT offers unmatched stability and the outsole provides flexibility.

From the beginning they were very comfortable. Even after several years they were still reliable like on the first day. Only after hundreds of kilometers with heavy luggage one pair lost quite a bit of its profile. - Just in time came new sponsored equipment from KEEN for our CEO and our 14 best working helpers.

Our reports are nevertheless genuine. As we only take just really good products, testing them up to the extreme and are not afraid to name their weaknesses.


To the Newport:

As mentioned before, the sandals are comfortable to wear, in addition, they are so well impregnated that you can go with them into the sea without any problems, for example on beaches with sharp rocks or sea urchins. Unlike with our old hiking boots a second impregnation has never been necessary. We wore the boots also when it rained, but not *under* (salt) water! So the Newport is the stronger one.


Not only under water, even in rugged terrain and on the rocks the KEEN sandals are excellent. Especially the toe protection, a slightly elastic, but also surprisingly stable rubber cap has saved us several times from serious injuries. It didn't even hurt when our donkey Hercules once accidentally stepped on a foot. Without the toe protection it would have been quite painful!



Flip flops - no go with donkeys.

Flip-flops are an absolute NO-GO - at least when there are donkey hooves around.


KEEN sandals - going also with donkeys.

With KEEN sandals however it's going safely, even with donkeys.


Our conclusion: we do not want to miss our KEEN sandals.

Even before the sponsorship for us they were worth the money!


Incidentally, there are also good cycling shoes, running shoes, hiking and trekking shoes and boots from Keen.

We received a pair of the "Gypsum mid" to test them or rather go hiking with them - An incredibly light and very comfortable waterproof hiking boot. The lightest hiking boots we've ever had in our hands or worn on our feet! Lighter than many shoes! It's not only comfortable to wear (and to carry as a backpacker), but looks good too:

KEEN Gypson Mid Hikingboots


Even after hundreds of miles the hiking boots are great!

Click here for the Gypsum mid.



Three short videos about the shoes:


The newport, first presented by KEEN, father & son:


...then from another independent adventurer...


and here the Gypsum:



Last but not least two videos about the social projects with KEEN


A very short impression of the annual KEEN Vail Kids Adventure Race:

It will offer kids the opportunity to experience the thrill of adventure racing through the surrounding wilderness. During the race, teams of two will work together to navigate a variety of sports and and problem-solving challenges, including mountain biking, hiking, tubing, archery, a low ropes course, a zip line, a climbing wall, a Tarzan swing, a giant slip-n-slide and more.



And a longer one from the Nepali Womens Kayak Expedition



...There are a lot of more good actions around thanks to the KEEN Effect !


At this point, once again a big thank you KEEN from the Eco Adventure team.


More photos, videos and news of our Action & Adventure Tours in Sicily are following soon.




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...or shut down the pc and go outdoors!  :-)

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Adventure is a path...

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