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On the Adventure Hill - adjacent to the sea view neighbouring the Aeolian Islands – we will create a "tree house village" connected with jungle bridges. We rehabilitate an old abandoned settlement, as well as a farm, for free life and special eco holidays, as well as for animal-assisted therapy with donkeys, horses, mules and ponies. There will also be an extensive climbing park, including wooden towers and castles. A picturesque & exciting eco adventure park.


Blick auf den einsamen Strand und die Aeolischen Inseln.

Currently, we continue with our pioneering work. It's simple hand work – building, gardening, farming – and therefore exhilarating to create things with your own hands.

The Adventure Hill is surrounded by wild forests on a good 20 hectares of land. There is more than sufficient free living space for creative craftsmanship, as well as retreats for humans and animals. Here are some of the many views of the lush green forests of the Adventure Hill:

wilder Wald auf dem Abenteuerberg  

wilder Wald auf dem Abenteuerberg   wilder Wald auf dem Abenteuerberg

Live like Robinson Crusoe on a sunny island; though much without cannibals;

...instead very warm hearted Sicilian natives.

The land borders on one of the largest nature reserves with numerous beautiful sights. From the famous pilgrimage sanctuaryTindari, the 3000 year old Greek settlement Tyndaris, to the lakes of Marinello and the natural beaches that end in a breathtaking blue lagoon.


Thanks to our sponsors, partners & new friends, we now continue to make good progress. We work together with Si.LegnoPiu - Sicily's largest timber trader & house builder. The owner Carmelo Agnello became a good friend and is full of enthusiasm for the adventure project. "The most interesting thing I've ever heard, I'm into it." From him we get high quality chestnut wood. We process the trees in its sawmill and form beams & planks. It 's a great feeling when you make everything yourself from the beginning. Old-fashioned handwork, implemented in time.

During the last two years, we were able to stock pile some building material. With architects and engineers, we put the first construction projects to paper. We are currently building the first wooden houses. In the future, the creation of the most exciting adventure park in Europe will stand on the Adventure Hill.

Here are some examples of tree houses as we will build them:

Baumhäuser Beispiele

Click on the following picture to get to the current building project (photo gallery).

Currently on Facebook, soon on our new website. (Here are some building plans.)


In order to realize the upcoming construction projects, we are looking forward to active support. The wages are happy children, a more open society with a strong awareness of the environment, as well as the opportunity to live in a social exchange - almost without money. In any case, an unforgettable eco holiday of a special kind; in which man and woman can accomplish good at the same time. At least once Goethe recommended to wander on Sicily.


Ausblick auf den Abenteuerberg vom wilden Garten und gute Gemeinschaft

Focus on the island is, of course, towards good old-fashioned craftsmanship. For the Adventure Hill, you do not have to be a professional craftsman or have studied architecture. It is enough if you want to create something with your hands and participate in a social society. Landscape gardeners, permaculturists as well as people with knowledge & interest in natural medicine, renewable energies, the environment and animals are also welcome.

We welcome simply all who like to craft and create, and those with an interest in;
architecture, carpentery, building, engineering, bricklaying, blacksmithery, welding,  tailoring, shoemaking,

Let's keep old trades alive!

Further more...

Eco-friendly adventure tours

We go on eco tours to connect people with other social organizations and communities. The goal is that people can live freely in many different places all over the world. Sounds crazy? We simply live our dreams and help others realize theirs

sicilian cart

As a recognized non profit association, with the focus on adventure education, we offer not only adventure travels, live-role-playing games (LARP), living history, open-minded school, art & craft practical training, team building courses and lots more...



We will also build a sailing ship to cross the seven seas.

TV companies are interested in creating a documentary series, though we also have our own film team. Video makers, as well as specialists in public relations and social marketing, are equally welcome to join the EA Team.

Blick auf die Aeolischen Inseln bei Sonnenuntergang

Love the sea? Ready for the island?   Then get in contact.

Send an email to the EA team with a little info about you and let's start our conversation.



SOON: you will find here is our "Eco Adventure Park – Treehouse Village" as a PDF to print & distribute.

Adventure is a path...

Adventure is a path...

Explore. Dream. Discover!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - By Mark Twain.

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