Unsere Webseiten werden derzeit aktualisiert. Das Sizilien Projekt besteht weiterhin.

Der Stall hat nun ein Dach. Der Wein reift vor sich hin, Oliven & Kastanien wollen gepflueckt werden.

Auf unserer englischen Seite findet ihr die wichtigsten allgemeinen Infos & Kontaktadressen:






The management TEAM


CEO and the other Donkey. :-)

The "first donkey of our organization" (CEO Christian Spang) and his four-legged brother Hercules. ;-)

Christian was leading various projects for other NPOs before we founded ECO-ADVENTURE.ORG

Since 2005 he's also an independent outdoor education teacher and mobile dog trainer.

In the year 2010 he moved 440 pounds only with muscle power over Alps & Apennines.

Like a donkey he pulled an special trailer - 2300 km in five weeks through five countries to Sicily.

Now he lives on our Adventure Hill, pioneering and traveling around the sunny island.

On our land with view to the Aeolian Islands we create a self sufficient community... The life here in the nature is still spartanic but especially because of this fact it is that pure. Living basic, living every moment. In handcrafted work building wooden houses, beginning from the tree to beams and planks, cooking over fire, sleeping in a hammock and riding with donkey Hercules to awesome lonely beaches and other attractions.


Moritz Petzi

Mostly on the hills on wheels (skating) or snowboarding is Dr. phil. Moritz Petzi, our Master Educator

(sociology and psychology). He loves the outdoor, to relax and for exciting eco-adventure-tours.

By the way he's also a good music DJ - and otherwise always ready to have action and fun!


A strong woman in our team: Monika Kerschbaumer, specialized therapeutic care practitioner.

She also leads successfully a "small family business" as a mother of two kids. :-)




A few volunteers on the sunny island Sicily:


Giovanni Granata and one of his donkeys.

Giovanni Granata is studying veterinary medicine,

he helps where he can, and already knows a lot about animals,

his grandfather has 200 sheeps, dozens of pigs and chickens,

his uncle owns some cows and his father is breeding donkeys.

They have also the best place to eat on the Island: Pane e Vino.


Francesco Brancatelli and his ponies

Francesco Brancatelli is a breeder of horses & ponys

He always enjoys long excursions with us and his animals

and he also assists in rebuilding our farm for pet therapy.


Nino Buccolo

Survivalist and artist with stones, paintings and more - Nino Buccolo.

Already a lifetime of traveling he knows a lot about nature

and easily speaks more than half a dozen languages

sicilian, italian, english, german, french, dutch...

He is teaching art and basic living in nature.


Member of Honor: Imaginative poet and musician Orazio Privato.

In the near future you can listen to his first music CD here:

This CD is - like all our work - 100 % for social projects.


music-CD from Orazio Privato



We work as volunteers, our bread we earn in other ways.


You can join us and help, for a better future, together!

Every year volunteers are coming from all over the world,

and there are always more and more. So we do great things!



Last but not least, Phoenix, our therapy dog.

Phönix on the beach

With his eight years, he is still as active as on the first day.

Phoenix carries his luggage on journeys in a pack saddle,

helps in the garden when we need him (digging on commando)

and already tooked hundreds of children the fear of dogs.

Update: 9.4.14: After three months with a worse wound
his vet amputated a toe from his right front paw
we hope that he soon runs again with pleasure.

Update: 6.6.14: He ran again with friends and kids,
he fighted again against diseases - but in the end cancer killed him.
Thanks for all Phoenix!   May your soul fly free!

Phoenix fly free wherever you want!



...That's not all, here we present our newest and youngest group member: Hercules

Hercules on the beach

Hercules is a three year old sicilian donkey, a great one.

The youngest and strongest from the eco adventure team. By far!

He is already able to carry a great part from our luggage on journeys

and in the near future, he pulls our Sicilian-Cart throughout Europe!

"Hercules, the strongest donkey on the world!" they will call. :-)

In the moment he's still training for it, and also for pet therapy.

...But as you can see, he finds also time to relax on the beach.



Offspring Cultivation Program


Our next four-legged members will be a female horse and a Dober-wo-man.

So Hercules and Phoenix could create an even larger family.

Doberman + Dober-wo-man = Dog, best friend of (wo)man,

Donkey + Horse = Mule, best working-animal,

and also a good friend of human.


Mules pulling covered wagon.


Even George Washington, first president of the USA, knew the mules to appreciate as

"Kings of the breeded animals."


Mules can be as big and beautiful in stature as noble horses. But they are much stronger,

more enduring, not as susceptible to disease, heat and cold, eat less, work more and live longer.

(Lucky horses arrive at 30 years, donkeys sometimes live up to 60 - mules up to 80 years!)


Mules with pack-saddle.



...And Dobermans are arguably the "kings of the dogs". Athletic, intelligent, loyal and reliable.

As we said above, using good training they could be the man's best friend.



Finally, also sheep, goats and chickens will live on our farm. In optimal conditions.

With plenty of free space for movement on our 36,399 square meters "Adventure Mountain".



If a person lives a spontaneous life then he realizes that life has only one meaning - the life itself. (Erich Fromm)


real warriors


Let the sun shine inside you.


Love is the answer.


George Bucay




or with other words...





Soon more.


Just now a virtual adventure trip

...and more eco adventure offers...

Hercule on the beach

We work only with professionals. Here we want to thank our corporate partners and sponsors for their support, social competency, great products and good performance.



Get outside! Take back your Playtime!


Keen logo

KEEN - perfect shoes for outdoor activities

Truly rugged outdoor sandals with toe protection. Adjustable quickly by an elastic band, grippy sole, compact, good fit and even salt water resistant! The shoe is very stable and offers optimum traction and control. The slightly wider NEWPORT offers unmatched stability and the outsole provides flexibility. 

Incidentally, there are also good cycling shoes, running shoes, hiking and trekking shoes and boots from Keen.

Go to our product test.





Go professional - GO PRO!


GoPro - HD Camera for Extreme Action

How often have you started some great actions, and wanted to show them to your friends - but didn't carry a camera? Good HD video cameras normally are heavy and fragile. Now there is a solution: Go Pro with the HERO! Go Pro says the HERO is the world's most versatile camera, and that's true.

More about the HEROs on our Eco-Advenure-Tours. 




mynav - Outdoor-GPS


MYNAV - Street and Outdoor Navigators

As the first outdoor navigation system the MYNAV offers automatic routing not only for streets and asphalt roads but even for all the other trails, like hiking trails, dirt roads and climbing routes. The adventure traveller will be guided by optic and acoustic signals. Never lost thanks to the MYNAV 600 professional.

We've tested the MYNAV on our crazy tour with the bike-caravan.




Lenovo Logo

ThinkPads - the premier class of notebooks, ultrabooks and convertibles. Lightweight, portable, powerful, enduring and extremely tough - not only the spill resistant keyboard - the whole body. They are always ready "for those who do", also in extreme conditions - everywhere on the planet and even in the outer space - thats why the NASA is working with ThinkPads. - So this machines are perfect for business & adventure traveller and therefore we are looking forward to our new team player Lenovo!





Sonim Logo

SONIM - the world's tougehst phone

Dirt, water, dust, sand, rain, heat, cold, drops, shocks - whatever life dishes out the SONIM can handle.

Independent tests have shown that it resists not only treatments with a baseball bat or being run over by a dredger, but it can even be washed in a washing machine or cooked with noodles. 

Our test: We've used the SONIM over three years in the "sicilian jungle".



RUGGEAR - Outdoor Smartphones

Ruggear Logo

IP68 RugGear-Smartphones,

world´s most rugged smartphones

- it´s really smart - but dies hard. :-)




Silverpoint Outdoor Logo

Robust outdoor solar crank lamps
Lanterns, emergency lights and more.




ASSOS - Bike Clothing

Assos Logo

ASSOS - very functional bike clothing

The ASSOS sponsoring offer came right in time for our crazy adventure tour with the handmade bike caravan. Thanks for the great bike clothing (several function-shirts with a zipper, specially padded bike trousers and other body insulators) in worth of more than 1000 Euro - a lot of money, if you buy it, but your behind is it worth. :-) Five weeks the function clothes were used up to the limits - the limits of Christian. The ASSOS bike wear convinced on every single mile.

More about our adventure tour with ASSOS.




Victorinox - Knifes for live

The world's best knifes & tools - for life!

The older ones perhaps can remember, the Victorinox was always used by Mc Gyver, and could save his life not only once. For some of us the Swiss Tool was also very useful over years - and in the last summer it saved also at least the life of our boat. The complete story.




Sommer Saddle

Best saddles *handmade in Germany*

6000 Miles through the USA on saddle, for this adventure tour an extraordinary saddle is necessary. The tour was completed successfully by an adventurer in the 70's. Now we will travel through Europe with our donkey Hercules and our Sicilian Cart. We are glad that the Sommer Saddle Manufacturer will accompany us on this great adventure.

More about our Europe Tour on Sommer Saddle. 




Sieltec Logo

The Sieltec Horse Harness is an powerful ultra lightweight construct of Air-Ropes.

In contrast to heavy leather harness the Sieltec harness is much lighter, almost maintenance-free and self-cleaning.

That's not all: Sieltec offers the best price-performance ratio and you can customize the color of your harness.

So each horse gets his own! ...And of course also every pony, mule and donkey - like our Hercules :-)




...We also travel with:

hennessy hammock - the coolest tent in the world

Best Explorer Hammocks - ultralight.

For our adventure tours on the sunny island Sicily and throughout Europe Hennessy Hammock is sponsoring five ultralight explorer hammocks with mosquitonets, tarps and snakeskins.

The ultimative hammock test. 




 ...The Adventure Continues...




Even in the web we travel ecologically

thanks to Greenhost !


In touch with nature 

without the luxuries of civilisation

...therefore free.


The world is changing ever faster. Driven by money; humans rush through life. Consumer goods are replacing friends & family.*

Escape the rat race. Live like Robinson Crusoe. Get back to your roots.  Basic living on a sunny island - in a real social community.


Experiencing majestic falcons circling in the air, the hot sicilian sun under the shade of a palm and the smell of the sea,

you realise how you take everything for granted - living in the lap of boring civilisation.

Instead it's good to be close to the earth. Real life. Simple and good.


Here you see the lonely beach below of our Adventure Hill , with view to the Aeolian Islands:

view from lonely beach to the aeolian islands

Enjoy a virtual adventure trip right now.



Impressively beautiful in the evening - sunset on the ocean on the lonely beach:


Back on the Adventure Hill you will find Christian ...and the cat "Herself" (Yes, that's her name...) giving you a tour of the garden.


This was a good year ago, we are some steps closer to our dreams. A tree house village.

 Some examples of tree houses, elsewhere, as we will build them in the future on the Adventure Hill.



*) We aren't against technical inventions. In fact, we are very interested in them. But only in real good stuff, no crap. Things which make life easier, not those that rule you.


Very comfortable and useful, for example, are the Hennessy Hammocks.

=> Other Gear for the modern outdoorsman.


More Information on our Main Page. - You can even contact us via email.

Adventure is a path...

Adventure is a path...

Explore. Dream. Discover!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - By Mark Twain.

the world is a open book

The world is a book, and those who not travel read only a page.